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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to call me or email me me with any questions that you may have and if I am unable to take your call I will endeavour to respond to any messages as promptly as possible.

How do I know if counselling will be right for me?

I offer an initial assessment whereby you have an opportunity to talk about the issues that are concerning you and what you require from the counselling process to help you with those issues. This allows you to experience me as a counsellor, how I work and to see if I am someone that you are going to be happy to work with, before you make any commitment to the counselling process. It also gives you an opportunity to decide whether you want to try counselling or not. You can stop the counselling at any time if you decide later that it is not helpful to you.

How do I know if you will be the right counsellor for me?

In the initial session we will have a chance to meet and you will have a chance to decide whether you want to work with me or not. You will be seen in a comfortable, safe and confidential setting.

What happens in the first session?

In the first session we can discuss the practicalities of our counselling relationship, counselling in general and what it might be able to do for you. You may wish to tell me what has bought you to me for counselling or you may wait until our next meeting before you start to tell me your problems. You may not want to decide straight away whether or not you want to continue with me and if that is the case you can always call me later. The first meeting is charged at £50 ( normal session fee) with no financial or personal commitment until you are ready to make one.
If I was aware that I would not be the best person for you to work with, then after discussing this with you, I would offer to refer you to someone more suitable for your needs.

Frequency of Sessions

Ideally, in order to establish a strong therapeutic relationship, I would recommend weekly sessions on the same day and at the same time. This can be reviewed at any time. I endeavour to accommodate clients who work shift hours and are perhaps unable to attend at the same day/time each week. I will do my utmost to be as flexible as my commitments and diary will allow. Please do not hesitate to enquire.

Appointment Times

My hours of work are Monday to Friday and my last session is at 7.00pm.

How long and how often do I need to see a counsellor?

I offer open-ended counselling, which may last only a few sessions, some months or possibly years. Most of my clients see me once a week for one session, we will discuss this in the first session and I can make arrangements if you would like to do so.

Can I bring my partner or a friend?

My work is individual counselling and I run one-to-one counselling sessions with you.This help's with you to find your way of living that reflects your values and needs. It will not be enhanced by the presence of another person and it may be impossible to create.
If you are looking for couple or family counselling I will be happy to refer you to another counsellor who works in this way.
You may want a family member or friend to bring you to your session and collect you afterwards but I do not have a waiting room for them to wait in; they are welcome to wait in the car or in one of the many coffee shops near to me.

Do you have facilities for disabled people?

My practice is on the the ground floor and accessible for wheelchairs.Please tell me if you have specific needs and I will tell you if I am able to work with them.

What is the BACP?

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is one of the leading British associations in the field of "talking therapies".It is concerned with the professions of counselling and psychotherapy, the training of professionals, their ethical and best practice, their development and when necessary, offers a complaint procedure.For more information please visit

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